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The Kerry Company: Actuators to Keep You Moving

The Kerry Company, Inc. is known for our Kerry Actuator. Our actuators are custom-made sealed, self-contained electro-hydraulic linear and rotary units.

The Kerry Actuator is a unique concept designed to join together the advantages of conventional electrical rams (compactness and easy installation) and the advantages of hydraulics (smooth, linear/rotary motion, adjustability, safety, and reliability). It incorporates an electrical motor, a hydraulic pump enclosed in a sealed reservoir, flow, pressure, functional control valves, and a double acting heavy duty hydraulic cylinder or rotary actuator in one compact component. (for more information on the electro-hydraulic actuator concept, click here).

The Kerry Company Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Some of the features and benefits of The Kerry Actuator include:

  • Custom Built – Our units are completely tailored to your application, ensuring a precise fit and meeting your force and pressure specifications.
  • Reliability – A sealed hydraulic circuit, keeping out dirt and moisture for a long, maintenance free service life.
  • Single Unit, self-powered construction – The whole hydraulic circuit (electric motor, pump, flow and pressure controls and cylinder) is contained in a single assembly which eliminates expensive engineering, installation, start-up and maintenance costs. Operating costs are also reduced since the unit motor operates only when linear or rotary motion is required.
  • Easy installation – Eliminate the need for hydraulic expertise by the user.
  • Optional accessories to meet your application’s needs – Fully Submersible, precision control, mounting fixtures, fail-safe construction, explosion-proof construction and components, and more. Contact us by speaking with one of our personnel or visit our website ( for more information.

The Kerry Actuator is the perfect fit for your application. Our typical applications include: Lock Valve Operators, Sewage Plant Valves and Slide Gates, Water Plant Valves and Slide Gates, and Damper Operators, and many more.

About The Kerry Company, Inc.

The Kerry Company is a family owned company located in Allison Park, PA (about 9 miles north of Pittsburgh). For over 40 years, The Kerry Company, Inc. has been providing its customers with a high quality solution to heavy-duty motion control applications. The Kerry Company prides itself on the reliability it provides on any application, from the most basic to the most critical. All Kerry Actuators are designed and manufactured in the USA.

(This article is a slightly modified version of our WEFTEC 2015 Editorial, focusing on applications for our electro-hydraulic actuators designed for the water/waste-water industries.)