Electro Hydraulic Valve Actuator Designed by the Experts

Looking for an electro hydraulic valve actuator that will deliver the functionality and performance you require? At The Kerry Company, Inc., we have the design and manufacturing expertise to meet your exact needs. We work closely with several manufacturers, OEM contractors and engineering consultants to help them drive process improvements and efficiencies. We offer quality products that are engineered for precision, reliability and safety. Let us show you how our valve actuators can enhance your operations.

Features of Kerry Hydraulic Valve Actuators

Kerry valve actuators are designed to provide you with the right technology for your jobs. We listen closely to your requirements so that we can deliver the perfect fit. With attention to detail and a spirit of continuous innovation, we have successfully introduced next-generation actuators that are being used in a wide range of industries. Steel, mining, power generation, nuclear power and utilities are our core areas of expertise. No matter how complex or unique your requirements, we can design a solution that meets your exact specifications.

Typical features of our electro hydraulic valve actuators include:

  • Shock resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Range of control options
  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Precise
  • Repeatability
  • Virtually maintenance-free

With Kerry products, you can look forward to an electro hydraulic valve actuator that delivers optimal fit and functions. Our cutting-edge products have been serving a broad spectrum of industrial operations for more than 35 years. Arcelor Mittal, American Electric Power, Massey Energy and Foundation Coal are just a few of the many large customers we continue to work with.

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Enjoy the Best Hydraulic Valve Actuators and Service

At The Kerry Company, our customers are treated to cutting-edge products and exceptional service. Our diverse experience and design expertise can help you eliminate many process and efficiency issues from the start. Our aim is to help you improve productivity, safety and your bottom line. Should you need technical assistance, our experts are always standing by. If you are looking for the best electro hydraulic valve actuators and service, we have you covered.