When looking around for state of the art actuators, you will find that there are many types of actuators on the market. At The Kerry Company we supply the market with a range of industrial hydraulic linear actuators and rotary actuators. We specifically build our linear actuators to be able to withstand even the harshest working environments and what’s more is that you can have yours designed and built according to your specifications.

At The Kerry Company we can assist you with a customized solution for a broad range of industries and applications. In fact we can meet just about any thrust, stroke, rotation and torque requirement. If you’re looking for impressive reliability and critical control over applications, our range of linear actuators is the solution. You can expect precision with regards to positioning and of course immediate signal response from each of our actuators.

When it comes to actuators, especially linear actuators; various industries can benefit from their use. At The Kerry Company, we provide our units to a variety of industries and applications, with the top five supported industries being:

  • Steel industry – we provide actuators for use within the steel industry in the following areas: hot mill areas, coke plants, boiler houses, blast furnace areas and cold mills. Our current steel industry clients include the likes of AK Steel, Arcelor Mittal, Nucor Steel, Nucor Yamato, Charter Steel, North Star, Gerdau Ameristeel, United States Steel, Alton Steel and ATI.
  • Power generation and nuclear industry – we provide actuators for power generation and nuclear applications in the form of scrubber controls, conveyor tensioners, fan damper controls, ash slurry valves, coal samplers, steam control valves, trash rakes and flop gates.
  • Mining industry – we provide linear actuators for the following mining applications: conveyor tensioners, fan damper controls, coal samplers, hoist brakes-fail safe, flop gates, dryer gates, refuse bin gates, diverter gates, load out gates, mass flow gates, undercut gates, plows and valves.
  • Utilities and other – we provide linear actuators for utilities and other applications including lock valving operators, sewage plant slide gates, water plant slide gates, damper operators, taintor gates, penstock valves, cone jet valve operators, lock mitre gates, flood control slide gates, coal handling gates, trash rakes, Turbine by-pass valves, wicket gates and steam valve operators.
  • Oil and gas industry – we provide linear actuators for oil and gas applications including valves, dampers, motion control applications and more.

Why choose linear actuators for use in your industry from The Kerry Company?

  • Each unit is self-contained and environmentally friendly.
  • Each actuator is reliable and ensures minimal downtime in the event of a malfunction with back-up procedures in place.
  • Our linear actuators are built to last. There is minimal maintenance required.

Invest in Linear Actuators from The Kerry Company:

The Kerry Company offers linear actuator solutions that are designed to improve on productivity and systems as well as improve on the efficiency, safety and profitability of concerns operating within a variety of industries.

The Kerry Company is a preferred manufacturer of state of the art linear actuators. Contact us to find out more about our actuator solutions today.