Uses of accumulators

The most common use for accumulators is to supplement pump flow. Certain machinery circuits require a high quantity of oil flow for a short time and then use little or no fluid for an extended period.

An abrupt shift of valve positions can cause the fast-moving hydraulic circuits to generate pressure spikes that cause shock when flow is stopped abruptly as well. Fitted in areas of hydraulic circuits predisposed to shock, accumulators function as shock inhibiting devices.

Additionally, in the event of a power loss, our hydraulic actuator systems can give you extra strokes – how many extra strokes depends on the size of the accumulator, the cylinder, etc. Plus, along the lines of an air spring, the Kerry system returns an actuator in place after a stroke.

Note to self

All this goes to show how important it is to choose the right hydraulic actuator manufacturers for your project. Whether you a manufacturer, OEM contractor, or engineering consultant; at The Kerry Company, we strive to improve equipment precision, reliability and performance.

Here are seven reasons to choose our hydraulic actuator system:

  1. Reliability – For a hydraulic actuator to perform, it absolutely has to be reliable. We provide you with the right fit for your unique needs because we have the application expertise. As hydraulic rotary actuator manufacturers with 35 years of improving our product design and performance, our rotary actuators are engineered to provide you with stiffer controls and instantaneous response to eliminate process issues and enjoy greater reliability.
  1. Predictability – Hydraulic actuators are used in installations where there are a number of systems operated from a single system; where equipment is operated frequently, loads are high, speed is high or varied; or where the system must operate during power outages. Because of all this, we combine the latest resources and seasoned personnel, making us uniquely equipped to help you move anything with predictable success.
  1. Adjustability – Our hydraulic actuator systems can be used for virtually any kind of motion. An extensive range of control options and other features make it easy to have the performance and functionality you desire. There is nothing we enjoy more than the challenge of a unique or complex application.
  1. Smooth motion – Actuators are the perfect solution when you need simple, safe, and clean movement with accurate and smooth motion control. You may choose actuator systems for adjustments, tilting, pushing, pulling and lifting.
  1. Longer unit life and reduced maintenance – It is only by listening to you that we can improve equipment precision, reliability and performance – thereby extending the service life of Kerry actuators. As part of our strong commitment to reduce your maintenance efforts and costs, we also provide expert technical support to overcome challenges and process issues.
  1. Enhanced safety – A hydraulic actuator can be stalled without damage when overloaded, and will start up immediately when the load is reduced. The pressure relief valve in a hydraulic system protects it from overload damage.
  1. Energy Savings – Energy efficiency is particularly important in heavy work applications. In construction, agricultural, and forestry, machines often work continuously around the clock, handling large amounts of power. We are dedicated to improving the efficiency of our actuators through our innovative approach.

To find out more about how we can provide you with a cutting-edge product that is the right fit for your equipment and job, please contact us today.